[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

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> Was agent orange 2,4- diethylamine?  It is still used ya know.

  I think Agent Orange was 2,4,5- TP.  It's similar to 2,4- D but 2,4 is
safer I guess you'd say.  Heck, I accidentally took most of a bath
in the stuff once.  Eyuck!  The worst part was there was no way of
washing it off other than hosing myself down with cold water out in
the cold.  My clothes didn't smell too good the rest of that day.  Sure
glad I wasn't a broadleaf plant THAT day!
  The only really nasty stuff I know of is Parathion (sp).  It's harmful to
humans, can be absorbed through the skin and is a time-release.  It's
been removed too.  :(  Too bad, it was fantastic for mosquito control and
wasn't a problem unless handled carelessly.
  Back to some diesel content:  They got a new tractor on the orchard.
It's a ~100HP  Landini with more gears than most OTR trucks!  It has
the cutest little Garret on it and is under boost from off idle on up.  It
uses a little more than twice the fuel of the other tractors but that's
a LARGE bladed PTO sprayer.  The equivalent other sprayer would be
burning 4 - 5 gallons of gas an hour in addition to a tractor, so it's still
cheaper to run and NOTHING slows it down!  They had to put it on a
dyno for break-in.  None of the equipment would load it enough!  It
tested at 113HP and still has a way to go for break-in.  :)  Cool tractor!

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