[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Tue Apr 16 12:36:59 EDT 2002

>   I think Agent Orange was 2,4,5- TP.  It's similar to 2,4- D but 2,4 is
> safer I guess you'd say.

Oh, okay, that makes sense.  When crop sprayers first came into use around here
(50's) the Green Cross man would hold a field day too show how to use spray and
the equipment etc.  My Dad was at one then, where someone inevitably asked "If
it kills plants, how safe is is for us?"  To which his reply was "It's this
safe." as he produced a little glass dipped it into the tank and tossed back a
glass of the mix he had just used his arm to agitate.
Yuck.  Wonder how many of those guys are left....

  Heck, I accidentally took most of a bath
> in the stuff once.  Eyuck!  The worst part was there was no way of
> washing it off other than hosing myself down with cold water out in
> the cold.  My clothes didn't smell too good the rest of that day.  Sure
> glad I wasn't a broadleaf plant THAT day!
>   The only really nasty stuff I know of is Parathion (sp).  It's harmful to
> humans, can be absorbed through the skin and is a time-release.  It's
> been removed too.  :(  Too bad, it was fantastic for mosquito control and
> wasn't a problem unless handled carelessly.

Yeah, the malathions/parathions are gone here too- too persistent in the food
chain- the hawks were getting screwed and still are in their wintering grounds
where they feed primarily on grasshoppers.  Others here are Lorsban (why I quit
the plane fixin) and Decis.  Still okay if used responsibly, but God help you
if you get a bath like you did with 2-4,D.  You last about 3 hours from a
Lorsban bath.

>   Back to some diesel content:  They got a new tractor on the orchard.
> It's a ~100HP  Landini with more gears than most OTR trucks!

Checked one of these out last year- VERY cool.  Seen any Hurliman, Fendt,  or
similar? they are so efficient and comfortable to operate.  Of course I would
pay as much for a 150hp one as I paid for my 400ish hp 4 wheeler.
(maintaining the diesel content :-)

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