[Vwdiesel] Parts from a faux TD engine

dieseltdi at earthlink.net dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 17 09:17:38 EDT 2002

Ok guys, I obtained what was supposed to be a TD engine yesturday.  It was
really cheap because the owner was a high school kid who was parting out an
82 Rabbit that had been one of his teacher's.  ANYWAY, got the sucker home
and was suprized to find that the head is virtually brand new.  There are
not even any marks on the cam or the followers.  Kid told me that his
teacher had said that he had some work done on the car but it had never
started again. The looks of the engine oil and the head seems to comfirm
that.  Now for the bad news, the block is one of the imfamous VW Canada
blocks although the sticker says that it was new and not rebuilt.  The block
also says 1.6D.  Not TD as it should.  I intend to take off the oil pan and
determine if it has oil squirters or not. I should be able to see them from
below should I not?  Anyway if this turns out to not be a real TD engine,
then I will be parting the engine out...KKK turbo, intake, exhaust,
injection pump, and it even has a 5.3 quart oversized oil pan.  Will keep
you posted on the decision. Hayden
BTW it also has a AC/Aternator bracket for that poor soul that has been
looking for one for his bunny truck.  Contact me and we can get that out to
you whereever you are....:^)
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