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>>Was agent orange 2,4- diethylamine?  It is still used ya know.
>   I think Agent Orange was 2,4,5- TP.  It's similar to 2,4- D but 2,4 is
> safer I guess you'd say.

   Actually Agent Orange was 50:50 2,4-D & 2,4,5-T. And while 2,4-D is
slightly "safer" than 2,4,5-T which has been banned, it is still
carcinogenic and causes birth defects. See:


    The more serious problem for both of them is that their break-down
product is dioxin, as it is with all the polychlorinated phenols and
biphenols. Just a good hot day can do it. Speaking of drift, it's well
documented that just opening a can of 2,4-D in the middle of a 40 acre
field of cotton will wipe out the whole 40 acres, no spraying needed.
    Who was it that was saying herbicides aren't dangerous? Looks like
atrazine is about to be banned, already is banned in Europe.

> Weedkiller Makes Male Frogs Into Females-Study
> Mon Apr 15, 5:34 PM ET
> By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent
> WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The most popular weedkiller in the United
> States can give male frogs female sex organs and other attributes,
> researchers said on Monday, in a study that could shed light on the
> global decline in amphibian populations.
> Very low levels of the herbicide atrazine can cause male frogs to
> grow female sex organs and curtail their croaks -- key to attracting
> mates in the frog world -- a team at the University of California
> Berkeley found.

    But the real answer to ending chemical farming here in the US is to
get all those farmers off of welfare. The only reason they're able to
afford all those chemicals is because of all the crop subsidies and
other forms of corporate welfare. Once they get weaned off the public
welfare teat, they'll either go organic or get out of farming in short
order, and this time is coming quicker than most might think.
    Despite the criminal gang currently in the whitehouse, a large
movement is afoot to end all forms of corporate welfare, and if Congress
can't bring themselves to do it, legal action will -- corporate welfare
for some and not all is patentedly un-constitutional and the legal work
on this suit has already begun. Another legal area being worked on is
that crop price subsidies are a violation of NAFTA, giving US farmers
unfair competition.
    There's already been a very large increase in farms converting to
organic, and in the not-too-distance future we'll be seeing a lot more.
Growing biofuels organically will make farming profitable again. Even
very large farms can be run organically, as has been proven over and
over, but for those who can't figure it out, the break up of their farms
will create a lot of opportunity for those who can.

Harmon Seaver

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