[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

Robert L. Coyle, Jr. wn5p at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 17 19:39:16 EDT 2002

--- Harmon Seaver <hseaver at cybershamanix.com> wrote:
>    Actually the only reason biodiesel (made from
> virgin oil) is so high right
> now is that there just aren't enough producers
> making it. And likewise, the only
> reason gas and dinodiesel are so cheap right now is
> because of the tremendous
> subsidies our wonderful criminals in Washington pay
> to the oil
> industry. Gasoline would be $10-15 @ gallon w/o the
> payoff. Just another example
> of parasites sucking at the public teat.

By your logic, farmers are also parasites sucking off
the public's nipples.

>    You'll have to forgive me, it's just
> post-traumatic stress syndrome from
> 4/15. The biggest problem I have doing taxes every
> year is that I get so angry I
> can't read the 1040 form.

Rumor has it that the IRS will soon be distributing
copies in languages other than English very soon.

>    All our fuel needs can easily be met by
> agriculture, and without
> chemicals. One of the problems is people tend to
> look at the wrong crops --
> soybeans for biodiesel for example -- very stupid,
> although because of all the
> farm welfare, we currently have absurd mountains of
> excess soybeans. Soybeans is
> one of the worst crops to grow for oil.

The only "absurd mountains of excess soybeans" on our
family farm was created back in the late-seventies,
because then-President Carter farbade us from selling
them to the then-Soviets. And Carter was supposed to
be a farmer.

>    Same thing for ethanol made from corn, but corn
> is currently so cheap,
> because of farm welfare, that it's the cheapest
> heating fuel in the world by a
> great margin. Ridiculous -- not only ridiculous, but
> it's criminal.

I wish I knew where to get some of this "farm
welfare." Hey, I'vbe got some empty land in East
Texas. Maybe I can not raise some hogs on it. While
I'm at it, maybe I can get paid for not raising the
corn that I'm not going to feed to the hogs I'm not
going to raise. Wait a minute, you said that "corn is
currently so cheap because of farm welfare" maybe I'll
not grow a higher-paying crop that I'm not going to
feed to the hogs I'm not going to raise. Let's
see...marijuana...yeah, that's the ticket. I'm not
going to raise those hogs. That's one farm welfare I
can apply for. And I'm not going to raise marijuana
that I'm not going to feed to the hogs I'm not going
to raise. That's another farm subsidy. Do you know
where I can get any of that free butter and cheese?
And those free school lunches, I'll take some of those

> Why should I
> have to pay one penny to support welfare bums who
> also poison us in the process?

Unless you're cheating on your taxes using the Form
1040 that you can't read, you already are.


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