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Just a thought.  You could install the tranny to the engine while on a
stand - if it is possible to bolt a VW block to one from the side.  You
could then secure the whole thing and install the starter.  You would then
be able to perform a proper compression test before dropping the engine in
the bunnytruck.


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> Well for those of you that were drooling about the possibility of parts
> this engine, well sorry.  I pulled the pan and sure enough there were the
> squirters so it is a real td engine.  Now for the question.  I would like
> test the compression on this engine but I have no way to spin the thing
> turning it by hand allows the pressure to leak past the rings.  Could I do
> "wet" test by pouring some thick oil into the cylinders and then turning
> over by hand and get something close to right.  I would just hate to drop
> this into the bunny truck and then have to do the rings afterall.  The
> engine does have compression because it is hard to turn over with all 4
> injectors in place.  BTW when I pulled the injectors there was only one
> shield in place.  Some great mechanic worked on this engine!  Anyway
> suggestions would be appreciated.  I would really hate to have to tear
> engine down and have to replace the stretch bolts and the head gasket if I
> don't have to.  Hayden
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