[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Thu Apr 18 14:59:56 EDT 2002

On Thursday, April 18, 2002 9:45 AM, Harmon Seaver
[SMTP:hseaver at cybershamanix.com] wrote:
>    Actually, this whole thing is hardly even arguable, it's pretty much
> moot.

 NOTHING is hardly arguable Harmon.  Assuming things to be so while discounting
dissenting opinions as unworthy of consideration have led to all kinds of evil
in the world, environmental and otherwise.
The mountains of crops you talk of don't exist.  How many days food supply does
the USA have in the event of  disaster?  Not very many, I forget the figure at
the moment. Not a very big mountain.
I hear the birds sing too, I do what I am able to sustain by reducing
dependancy on chemicals and fuel, while assuring that I will still be able to
do so in the future, not go broke pursuing some nirvana that can't exist.  You
would do well to listen to your own advice..., but listen to ALL the birds, not
just the ones that sing the song you like.

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