[Vwdiesel] Re: [Audi-VW-Diesels] Parts from a faux TD engine

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Thu Apr 18 19:51:34 EDT 2002

At 09:13 PM 4/17/02 -0500, you wrote:
>on 4/17/02 1:16 PM, Night Shadow at soltwede at privateI.com wrote:
>> What is wrong with the VW of Canada motors?

I found one a couple of years ago in a rotting 83 jetta (turbo)
I didn't realize until I was cleaning it up and found the VW of Canada
rebuilt stickers on the block, that it was a rebuilt.

I changed the engine mounts and put it in my ailing 87 jetta, where it
outruns the old one at all times. More power, better acceleration, good
winter starting, NO smoke, 100,000km since then and no problems..no oil
consumption either.

When there WAS a VW of Canada, many years ago, they had a rebuild plant in
weston, near Toronto, where they did them, under close supervision of
qualified, company trained "engineers".

The rebuilds were returned cores, bored out a bit, (hence the increased
power) all new bearings, rods, pistons and other smaller parts. The heads
were totaly remanufactured re-using only the aluminum casting.

I've never opened this one to check what they used for head bolts.

I expect every rebuild would have been dyno run at the plant, and retorqued
before leaving. VW canada defected to Auburn Hills Michigan about 14 years
ago, and there is no VW of Canada now. If you call VW Canada on the phone,
it is answered in Auburn.
I learned this when I was whining about the shoddy assembly of my Mexican
'94 A3TD, That's a whole other story, assembled after a Tequila break.

Bottom line, no use whining to them, they don't care about the Canadian
market. It's peanuts compared to the American market.

Another reason to be thankfull for my old A2TD, and quietly be
self-sufficient by whatever means, take the road less traveled, and avoid
the mainstream of Automotive Agony and Petroleum Putrescence. Nothing to
gain there.


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