[Vwdiesel] Lowering gasoline prices

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Thu Apr 18 21:45:58 EDT 2002

   >> National Biodiesel Board who are largely just a
> bunch of public teat sucking
> soybean people <<

    Politics is the art of compromise and the first compromise you make is
of your integrity.  Right now the promise of renewable fuel for locomotives,
semi-tractors, heavy equipment and mining engines is about all that stands
between continuing the develpment of compression ignition engines and the
oblivion to which the fascist wing of the green movement would consign us.
    That potential has reached the ears of policymakers because of the teat
sucking soybean people looking to expand their market, not because of
Journey to Forever, the Greasemobile, and the Veggievan.  Not to disparage
their contribution to BD development at the grass-roots level- they are how
many of us learned about it- but when it comes to influencing public policy
formulation, the Biodiesel Board and the various Soybean Growers
Associations have the ears of those who make the decisions, and, more
importantly, who can kill bad decisions.
    It's easy to bitch and cry and whine that the system is corrupt, and,
rather than getting dirty by association, accomplish nothing and see good
ideas go down the toilet.  But given a choice between coalescing with
well-funded teat suckers who have purchased access to the decision makers,
and taking the self-defeating passive course that will result in driving a
Prius, I'd rather see some benefit from the subsidies.
    Scott Kair

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