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Thu Apr 18 11:42:22 EDT 2002

Yes you can if you use a leak down tester.  In aviation these are called a
"differential compression tester".  They have two gauges, measure pressure
going in v/s what is being held by the cylinder.  A typical reading might be
75/80.  80# going in, 75 being held.  Ears are used to check where the leak
is.  A reading of 64/80 is still acceptable in Aircraft piston engines.

Ed Lowe, Seattle
82 Westy diesel upgrading to 1.9td
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>  Do you have an extra tranny laying around?  If so then you can put a
>starter to it and check it.  Heck, put in earplugs and start it!  You'll never
>get anything close to a reading by hand.
>     Loren
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