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> Just because diesel owners are smarter and better looking,
>  don't assume everyone else is. (sorry, if you've been around the list for a
>  while, you know where this comes from...:-))

  It comes from common knowledge doesn't it?  :)  Of course if you've
dealt much with the public you really find that common knowledge and
common sense are oxymorons.  Remove the prefix to describe an
unnerving percentage of the living public.  :O

>  Maybe, but what are the figures for just petroleum destined for fuel?

  These are numbers that would have to be dug up.  They sure aren't
broadcast on the evening news like the total import number or
consumption numbers are.  The guilt is laid upon the motoring
public when the burden, I'll bet, is far from them.  It is them but
not in that manner.  Of course if there want at least some guilt
put to them, we'd NEVER get to have a diesel in this country!

>  Everyone SHOULD be driving Lupos.

  I'm sure you didn't mean that quite as literal as it sounds.  I for one
have a darn hard time hauling 12 to 15 foot carpet and vinyl to a jobsite in
a Lupo!  I'm forced to drive a gashogish gas van for work.  I have a diesel
one but it's been being mean lately.  I do like it much better for the most
part.  I do my part though, but it's for MY wallet and not for "green"
My Rabbit's mileage is probably nearly 90% business.  The van is of course
100 % business (I don't drive it unless I HAVE to!)  I've had a 22 foot roll
of carpet in the Rabbit as well as used it for the second day, etc.  It's
MUCH more fun to drive not to mention that it costs less than 1/4 to
drive, than the van!  I still get the same mileage write-off too!  :)  I tend
cringe when the public gets too uppity about mileage and raising gas taxes
to discourage poor mileage vehicles.  I'd have a hard time raising my rates
enough to cover a major fuel price hike, and keeping customers.

>  You can race, or you
>  can be efficient, can't have both.
>  Wish it were otherwise.
>  -James

  Jake is really going to have to take his Rabbit on tour!  Heck, I will if I
get the turbo on it!  Of course the 5000TD won't be too shabby either.  :)
He took me out for a little drive on day.  Mind you he was disappointed
that it wasn't performing up to it's capabilities.  He'd forgotten he'd put
part of the exhaust back on.  We pulled out on the highway.  He wanted
to show me the acceleration.  It went through the first 3 gears like a
performance motorbike!  Somewhere in 3rd or 4th, I kid you not, the
old tummy got the whoobie whoobies!  All this at better than 40mpg!
  I LOVE DIESELS!!!!  :)

>  I haven't been sitting at the computer all afternoon- I'm varnishing 1700
> ft of hardwood floor. Just finished. Yippeee!!

  Just plain varnish?  I thought some of the other stuff, urethane, water
based, etc. was "better."  Just how high were you floating above the
computer by the end of this?  ;-)

>  the fermented grain that is a waste product of ethanol production can be
> used and have value added to it. The feedlot scenario doesn't sit too well
> many folks either

  Yeah, who wants a bunch of drunk cattle milling about, mooing all night!
Of course there's the other reason;  many of the "save the crude" crowd
also tend to lean vegetarian.  Heck I lean that way once in awhile even,
until we barbecue up a good steak!  :)  Hooray, asparagus season is
upon us!  (nobody said this thread had any solid them did they?)  ;-)

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