[Vwdiesel] 91 Passat tranny question

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 19 01:30:02 EDT 2002

On Thursday, April 18, 2002 3:33 PM, Fudny at aol.com [SMTP:Fudny at aol.com] wrote:
> Sorry not a diesel but what better source of info. Looking for my daughter
> found a 91 Passat with 104k on it but the tranny slips between 2nd and 3rd.
> The guy will fix it no charge wants 3,495.00 for it. How are these trannies
> and would a spare from a 91 Jetta I have fit if he just doctors this thing

It should, but check mounts first.  Reasoning says it should, and this is a
standardized powerplant used across the vw line, but dumb things have happened
before. Specifically the part numbers for the mounts, are they the same for
both cars.  If they are, I'd wager the trannies are interchangeable.  If not,
they may just be heavier for Passat application, but it's worth a try.
> My VeeDubs have always been standards and not too familiar with autos.
ditto... don't care for autos one bit.  Have standard with big miles on it
already, would probably be on the second looking for the third auto by now.
Waitaminit... 85 Jetta with 70 k on the clock?  gotta be a story there...


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