[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 19 09:48:45 EDT 2002

> >  Everyone SHOULD be driving Lupos.
>   I'm sure you didn't mean that quite as literal as it sounds.

Well, yeah.  But if you carry a 22 foot roll in the rabbit what do you need a
van for :-)) ?

>  Somewhere in 3rd or 4th, I kid you not, the
> old tummy got the whoobie whoobies!  All this at better than 40mpg!
>   I LOVE DIESELS!!!!  :)

Might get out your way in fall, have to go south to father-in-laws place and
pick up my piano in Az.  Gotta check this set of wheels out, sounds like

>   Just plain varnish?  I thought some of the other stuff, urethane, water
> based, etc. was "better."  Just how high were you floating above the
> computer by the end of this?  ;-)

Actually polyurethane varnish, and yeah, well, I had a bit of a headache:-) and
it was tough to spell things right at times..... I put some big books on top of
the monitor to keep it from floating away, but it turns out it was the cat, oh

Decided to go with the ICI oil base stuff, nobody would guarantee the water
baseacrylic polyurethane was as strong as oil.  It's stinky for a bit, but man
does it look good.  also takes 18 days to full cure versus the 30 days of the
latex.  4th coat went on yesterday.  Very happy with the results. I'll send a
pic tonight.
Later man.

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