[Vwdiesel] 84 Jetta AC question

EVEHART33 at aol.com EVEHART33 at aol.com
Fri Apr 19 15:21:54 EDT 2002

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I transferred a good 1.5 NA out of my totaled 79 Rabbit into a 84 Jetta with
a bad motor last year. This year I'm trying to get the air conditioning
working but I'm having some problems. I had the system checked and charged
with R134 and it worked fine for about 3 weeks then one day the high pressure
relief on the drier popped and I lost all the refrigerant. In trying to
diagnose what happened I remember there were some "mystery" wires on the
Jetta that I didn't have on the Rabbit. The way it's wired now the radiator
fan doesn't activate when the ac is turned on. I'm looking at the wiring
diagram in Bentley but I'm confused. Should the fan stay on anytime the ac is

Thanks for any help

Ken Hunter
Los Lunas,NM
82 Westy (needs motor)
84 Jetta 1.5NA

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