[Vwdiesel] 84 Jetta AC question

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Fri Apr 19 13:50:06 EDT 2002

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> I transferred a good 1.5 NA out of my totaled 79 Rabbit into a 84 Jetta with
> a bad motor last year. This year I'm trying to get the air conditioning
> working but I'm having some problems. I had the system checked and charged
> with R134 and it worked fine for about 3 weeks then one day the high pressure
> relief on the drier popped and I lost all the refrigerant. In trying to
> diagnose what happened I remember there were some "mystery" wires on the
> Jetta that I didn't have on the Rabbit. The way it's wired now the radiator
> fan doesn't activate when the ac is turned on. I'm looking at the wiring
> diagram in Bentley but I'm confused. Should the fan stay on anytime the ac is
> engaged?
Yes it should, unless you have a sensor very near the condenser to regulate
this- turns on the fan when condenser is hot.  I've seen it both ways, but the
wires were there, meaning it was probably removed. You do have the high/low
pressure switches hooked up, to the A/C clutch circuit, right? Are those the
wires you are referring to?

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