[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Fri Apr 19 15:54:44 EDT 2002

    Robert wrote:

   >> I've often thought about going into partners with
Hayden and doing this on a large scale. This is going
to be big, REALLY big.<<

    Check out Pacific Biodiesel, www.biodiesel.com.  They're based on Maui,
and came about because of a mandate to find something to do with WVO other
than landfilling it.  They'll build the plant for you and provide tech
support.  When I looked into it early last year, small plants started at a
half mil.
    This is where tax dollars could actually do something constructive.
It would require a very large amount of capital to site and build a plant,
get it up and running, and provide for yourself until you could turn a
profit.  (And that's not including what James warned of- as demand for
grease increases, you'll start paying for it.)
    What I was looking into it for was a municipally owned facility here
with the start up costs funded by outside grants in order to supply fuel to
the various city/county/township owned Diesel vehicles, eventually saving
fuel costs to the taxpayers.  Unfortunately, we ran into siting problems to
start with.  Then, due to a ridiculous track record of blundering where
outside funding was involved, I was told to sit on the idea until the
electorate provides us with a new administration.
    I'd applaud anyone who can set up a private WVO recycling plant and make
a go of it, but don't underestimate start-up costs and hassles.  The minute
you start selling the stuff, rather than making it for home use, things will
get complicated.
    Good luck,
    Scott Kair

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