[Vwdiesel] lowering gasoline prices

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Fri Apr 19 16:35:56 EDT 2002

Harmon wrote:

   >> None of their good diesel cars will come to the US until they have
clean diesel to burn. It's the automakers decision, not the EPA -- although
suppose you could say it's the gov't fault because they won't mandate the
diesel fuel.
   And guess why that is, eh? The oil industry (now that Enron is the gov't
the gov't is Enron) is hand in glove with the US auto industry, and neither
fuel efficient vehicles, it would cut down on their profits.<<

    The auto industry isn't the only interest group that opposes cleaner
Diesel fuel.  A few years back, I called a few Congressional staffers to see
what could be done to kill the 04 fuel standards.  At the time we were
concerned that our 1.6 pumps would all fail, and TDIs were unproven.
    I got lucky and found a staffer who was sympathetic and leaving the
business.  The standards were DOA because of a long list of groups lining up
against it- everyone from the trucking and construction industries to
railroads and shipping, to retail business  Oddly enough, the oil industry
wasn't monolithic on the issue.  The smaller refiners were also against the
standards while the remaining Sisters sat back smiling- the new standards
would have required a whole lot of capital to meet, which would have knocked
the smaller refiners out of the competition.
    The larger refiners would be glad to provide us with cleaner Diesel
fuel.  More processing costs more, and they'll pass it along, cost plus.
Everything that moves by ship, rail, or truck, which is to say everything
not grown in your yard, will go up.

    >>It's all just one big incestuous nest of
snakes (although I hate to defame snakes that way) -- the Great Satan, the
World Order that Dubbya's demented dad announced years ago.<<

    Hyperbole tends to turn people off to the apparent.  There's been a
fairly persistent buzz from inside the Beltway that our VP may have some
legal troubles before the term is up, possibly starting after the fall
elections- if no further outrages flare on the international scene.
    Screeching about the Great Satan and the New World Order shuts down
receptivity.  It's really just business as usual among the rich and
powerful.  Ever hear of Teapot Dome? Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor?
    Finally, snakes serve a useful purpose in nature.  What you're
describing is parasitism.

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