[Vwdiesel] Re "Faux" diesel engine

dieseltdi at earthlink.net dieseltdi at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 21 21:26:47 EDT 2002

Well I have had some time to take the engine apart to determine its
condition and this is what I know so far.  The engine is a CY block and has
standard pistons and rings and they apparantly haven't been in long but I
intend to replace them anyway just to make sure.  There is a ridge at the
top of the cylinders and they are very smooth so I intend to hone the
cylinders.  At some time (probably the cause of this rebuild) there was a
broken timing belt as all 4 pistons have the imprint of a valve but no real
damage to the pistons.  The head is brand new.  It has a small amount of
soot on it that is easily wiped off.  Whoever did the work on the engine
didn't do a lot of things right.  For instance, there were no heat shields
under the injectors.  The head bolts were hardly torqued down and the nuts
holding the injector pump were all loose.  I intend to reuse the head bolts
as they were not properly torqued to begin with.  Well thats about if.  More
as the rebuild continues.  Hayden

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