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TLoos tloos at uk2.net
Mon Apr 22 16:31:20 EDT 2002

This may be old news, I got it off some unknown site. It fits right in with some of the discussions on the list lately.
It's amazing what goes through the heads of business people.
Can't make aftermarket accessories for SUV? Make them for small cars then. Fools.
Oh, wait. Follow the money trail. Soccer Mom and Corporate Dad have tons of cash to blow.
Frugal diesel drivers are not a big market. Just better looking.
The few and the proud.


SEMA Opposes Efforts to Raise Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards

DIAMOND BAR, CA -- In a Legislative Alert issued Friday, SEMA is urging its members to contact members of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee to oppose raising CAFE standards. These guidelines, which mandate that all manufacturers meet fuel economy targets for their vehicle fleet, are under debate on Capitol Hill, with some members of the U.S. House proposing hikes from the current standards of 27.5 mpg for cars and 20.7 mpg for light trucks.

SEMA argues that, if successful, the effects on the specialty aftermarket will be dramatic. The association's stance is that higher CAFE Standards will affect the specialty aftermarket by:

* Limiting consumer choice in purchasing vehicles. SEMA argues that a change will force manufacturers to make popular SUVs, light trucks and minivans smaller, less powerful and less useful in terms of performance, comfort and utility. If popular passenger car and light truck/SUV models become less desirable or useful, the association says that consumers will reject them and the aftermarket will suffer a corresponding loss in its ability to market equipment for these vehicles.

* Resulting in less vehicle availability and higher prices. Vehicles labeled as gas guzzlers, will inevitably be phased out in order for manufacturers to meet increasing government-mandated fuel economy standards, SEMA states. In addition, CAFE increases could saddle consumers with higher vehicle prices.

* Raising CAFE standards represents an unfair government intrusion into the marketplace that the association says threatens many aftermarket companies' ability to remain in business.

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