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Robert L. Coyle, Jr. wn5p at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 23 00:20:39 EDT 2002

--- Lee Hillsgrove <hillsgrove at tds.net> wrote:
> >How does one discover where the biodiesel pump(s)
> in
> >their respective states are? I'm in Houston, Texas.
>   See here:
> http://www.afdc.doe.gov/refueling_mapsite.shtml
> http://www20.brinkster.com/beowulf9/tdi/premdiesel/

Thanks for the tip, Lee! I checked the DOE website,
scanning a 25-mile radius from downtown Houston, and
found nothing. I decided to go for broke, and plugged
in 600 miles, and returned one single biodiesel
station, surprisingly enough, located in Texas City
(nine miles north from Galveston, and only about 15
miles away from Clear Lake City, where I spend time a
few times a week. It said to call first for hours and
such, so I'll do that.

If biodiesel were only 20-30 cents per gallon more
costly than dino diesel, I would probably buy it. The
government, in their infinite wisdom, would probably
want to slap another 20-30 cent (or more) tax on dino,
to bring it up to par and force people to make the
switch. I'm totally opposed to this. I think
incentives should be offered to biodiesel producers to
make it cheaper and more efficient to produce it,
rather than fattening the wallets of bureaucrats in
Washington. On the political front, I don't think it's
a case of the government taxing us too little, they're
spending too much.

I've travelled extensively to Western Canada, and have
noticed CNG available at stations most everywhere. One
reason for this is the fact that CNG is less than half
the cost of gas or diesel. However, I am also of the
belief that gas and diesel are unnecessarily taxes
(hell, I think Canadians are unnecessarily taxed, with
a 7% GST and 7.5% PST in British Columbia, equalling
to a 14.5% sales tax rate!). If one can drive across
the border to Sumas, Washington and buy the exact same
product for nearly half the cost, what's the deal
(especially with vast petroleum resources in Alberta)?

I'll be sure to check out the offerings at Green
Fuels, Inc. this week, and will post a report of my


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