[Vwdiesel] 82 Diesel Vanagon Engine Replacement - I'm looking at the 1.9 NA

jon.sykes at ps.ge.com jon.sykes at ps.ge.com
Thu Apr 25 19:34:33 EDT 2002

Thanks to everyone who responded to my recent posting regarding an engine
swap in my 82 diesel vanagon.  The 8V digifant Jetta was looking like a good
choice, but then my Parts Place catalog arrived in the mail.  Parts Place
are selling 1.9 diesel short blocks for $1095.  These are new engines!  I
know that they were never used in vehicles imported to the States, but
Canada isn't that far away and I'm sure parts can be purchased more easily
over the internet these days.  This is a new engine anyway, shouldn't need
parts for a while.

I'll be able to use my reasonably good 1.6 head and most of the other stuff
will transfer right over.  Sounds like the only snags are extending the
exhaust a little and tweaking the injection pump.  I'll probobly buy new
injectors at the same time.

Anyone else done this conversion?  This is a 75 HP engine - a decent
improvement over the stock 48.  I think with the stock gearing I'll be able
to have the extra little bit of power needed for hills, highway entrances,
etc and still get high 20s mpg.  Maybe it'd be worth using the air-cooled or
wasserboxer engine instead?  Also, if I run this new engine on good oil
(maybe not quite Red Line, but something that can cope with the diesel
particles) it should be good for at least another 200k miles.

Whadya think?



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