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Thu Apr 25 20:05:14 EDT 2002

First of all, the tools you need differ depending upon which car you have.
The 96-97 Passat with the 1Z engine and the 97-99 Jetta TDI with the AHU
engine use the same timing tools as the old diesels except that neither use
the dial indicator.  Timing is set using a VAGCOM or similar tool.  I have
changed the timing belts in both of my Jettas and in my old Passat using the
same locking plate for the cam and the same locking tool for the pump
sprocket.  BTW the timing is set just like the old diesel...loosen the pump
bolts and move the pump forward or backwards until the timing values are
where they should be.  The TDI uses very different tools and the timing is
set way differently.  These tools are available online from Impex for a good
price.  Timing on these engines (the A4 ALH) is set with the VAGCOM like
before but now you loosen 3 bolts on the pump spocket and rotate the shaft
of the pump either forwards to advance or backwards to retard (I think that
is the right directions) and then you retighten the sprocket bolts.  Bentley
calls for replacing the 3 bolts when you do this as they are stretch bolts.
I never had to change the timing belt on my New Beetle and the Jetta wagon
has the 80000 mile belt on it so I don't think that I will worry about it
for a while.  Hayden

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