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Loren and all,
	I'm going to be re-ringing my '91 Jetta Ecodiesel when I pull
the head off (hopefully this weekend or next).  Are total seal rings a
different type of ring, or a different company?  I've seen them referred
to a few times, but not sure what they are...
	I've also seen you and others mention replacing the intermediate
shaft bearing on these engines - is this something I should also do
while I have it apart?  Is this a bearing just on the front end, or is
there one on the back end too?  I haven't found too good a picture of it
yet in Bentley's.


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> Do they require a special hone...a dingle
>  ball instead of a bar hone?  Is there a certain grit of stone that
must be
>  used?

  I prefer a solid stone hone instead of a dingle ball type.  Most of
machinists I've asked do too unless you're just looking for a quick seat
to sell the engine.  Grit is IMPORTANT shall we say.  ;-)  I have an off
the shelf Sears or KD tools 3 stone hone.  I don't remember which it is
but it's perfect.  The surface you end up with should be just a tad more
coarse than the "brushed" surface many 3 1/2 floppy disks have on the
sliding metal part.  If you have access to a profilometer, you want a
25 to 30 RA.  If you find a grit listed for the stones on a hone, it's
to 280.  If you use a dingle ball hone you want 180 to 220 grit.  If you
have a shop hone it then they should use a Sunnen JHO 520 or 525

Also, I have found a local distributor (unfortunately he was closed
>  today) but does anyone know the cost of these rings and can anyone
get them
>  cheaper (Hey Loren!).  Thanks,  Hayden

  My old price list has them at $172.50/$155.25/$138.00 Racer/Pro
Jobber.  Racer is what anybody can buy them for.  Pro Jobber is what I
or an "established business" can buy for.  Jobber requires a 10 set
with a 2 set/month continuing purchase.  1-800-874-2753  They will
"Groove" your second rings for $8 each and an $8 setup fee.  Like I
said this is an old, '99 price list.
  Cylinders should only have a light wiped on amount of oil as well as
the skirts.  NO OIL on the rings, in the groves, etc.
  BTW, if you're not going with Raceware, I'll have a set of new head
bolts I accidentally ordered for an '81 engine.  It's an 11mm not 12mm.
duh!  <thwap>
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