[Vwdiesel] Total Seal rings

Dana Morphew kadm at pugetsound.net
Mon Apr 29 07:50:58 EDT 2002

In January '00 I sent a set of #2 rings, from a set of Deves', to Total
Seal.  Total charge $46.75 delivered.


> Ok, so I have about decided that I will rebuild the CY engine I have with
> total seal rings.  So....what special things must be done to get the
> cylinders ready for the rings.  Do they require a special hone...a dingle
> ball instead of a bar hone?  Is there a certain grit of stone that must be
> used?  Also, I have found a local distributor (unfortunately he was closed
> today) but does anyone know the cost of these rings and can anyone get them
> cheaper (Hey Loren!).  Thanks,  Hayden

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