[Vwdiesel] What chip?

Scott Sullivan gersil0 at lycos.com
Mon Apr 29 11:20:41 EDT 2002


I have chipped a few cars.  All of them have been turbo's.  Common things to watch for in diesels or gas is, eg temp, fuel consumption, and power curve.  Spicificly for diesels is black smoke.  On one TDI the smoke was so heavy I could not see the guy behind me.

When I chip something I talk with the manufacture.  They send me one and I try it out.  If I want something changed, say less aggresive I ask them to make a change. I have spend at least one week talking with them so that they understand what I am looking for and I understand what they can do.  If the chip is not quite right they have always taken it back and changed it.

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002 09:32:14
 worb wrote:
>Hey all,
>My brother just bought himself a beauty 2000 Jetta TDI.  Only had 30k on it,
>very nice!!
>Anybody have experience with aftermarket performance chips on these?
>Experiences?  Results?  Problems, etc, etc?  Any info you can share would be
>much appreciated.
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