[Vwdiesel] 82 vanagon - I need a new engine - questions

jon.sykes at ps.ge.com jon.sykes at ps.ge.com
Mon Apr 29 15:04:29 EDT 2002

Sorry for the mass email, but I need all the help I can get!.....

Well, I'm looking for a new engine for my 82 diesel Vanagon	:-(

Took it in for a timing belt adjustment and it turns out that the idler
pulley was stripped of its key and had suffered some  major damage.  If the
belt wasn't so slack this probobly would have caused an eventual engine

My mechanic wanted approx $350 to try to fix it enough to hold it together.
It would be more to open up the engine and  actually replace the shaft.
Rather than throw money at an engine that's already blowing oil and has 200k
on it, I'm using  this as an opportunity to put a new engine in there.

My mechanic has a 1.8 GTI-type motor taken from an '85 Audi 4000.  It has
85,000 miles on it and came from a family car.  He  would charge $2500 to
put it in, all the wiring and include an air-cooled gearbox.  This sounds
pretty good, apart from the  already high miles on the motor.  I'm also
disappointed to know that my fuel consumption will drop from high 20s down
to low  20s.

Is this a good candidate motor, given the milage, HP, torque, etc.?  Is
$2500 a good deal?

Another option would be to get the 1.9 diesel longblock from Parts
Place/Overland Parts/Vanagain, try to locate a 1.9 hydralic  diesel head
locally (or does anyone reading have one?).  I'd prefer this option, really,
although I doubt it will help the van that much in headwinds, hills and
accelerating onto highways?  I do like diesels and the fuel economy they

Another local breaker has lower milage '95 2.0 VW engines for $1000, but
without wiring harness.  Would this be a better  candidate?

Any help much appreciated.  This is such a stressful event!



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