[Vwdiesel] ECODiesel questions

Scott Kair scott3491 at insightbb.com
Mon Apr 29 22:03:11 EDT 2002

        This evening I stumbled over a '92 Jetta ECODiesel that's for sale
at what seems to be a very reasonable price.  I didn't save posts specific
to the breed on the theory that I'd probably never even see one, let alone
have an opportunity to buy one.
    I took it out for a spin and am considering it to replace my 84 A1
Jetta.  Some questions arose, though.
    The car is same family since new, and dealer serviced since new, with
162k on the clock.  There are a few minor issues- a good sized ding in the
driver's rear door, rear door handles don't work, radio antenna snapped off-
but those seem balanced by fairly meticulous maintenance- new alt., a/c,
water pump, p/s belts, and timing belt about a year old.  A concern is that
the inside windshield gasket is loose and dangling, but there seemed to be
no inside water damage.
    The front end seemed to wallow a bit in twisty roads at speed, and there
was a noticeable wobble above 70, which I think might be a right front tire
out of balance.  There was no indication of CV joint problems, although I
didn't crawl under and inspect the boots.
    The interior was pretty clean, but missing the front vinyl corner post
covers on both front doors.  Seat belts were those ridiculous contraptions
with separate lap and shoulder restraints, the latter wired into a relay
that kills the starter if not connected and strangles the driver entering
and exiting if connected.
    Engine looked stock and fairly clean, no obvious current oil leaks.  The
pump didn't have an aneroid, but a device I've never seen before that the
lines connect to.  Didn't look to see if the cat conv was still on the
exhaust. Engine compartment does seem fairly full, what with a/c and p/s, so
maintenance could be a pain.
    Are there any other A2 or Eco specific issues I should look for?  Owner,
btw, is selling it because he bought a new TDI.
    Scott Kair

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