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Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Mon Apr 29 22:18:14 EDT 2002

For my '85 TD, the insurance papers list a net weight of 920 kg,
which is ~2025lbs (a bit low, I'd say). The GVWR is 1475Kg
(3245lbs), which is fully loaded, according to manual, with 150lbs
per seat + luggage, fuel, etc. So you're somewere in the middle at
around 2250 lbs, I'd say...

On 29 Apr 2002 at 18:39, Robert L. Coyle, Jr. wrote:

> ** Proprietary **
> I have a dead A2 Jetta on my hands, and it died in
> South Houston, some 25 miles from my VW mechanic. I've
> spoken to some wrecker drivers, and they tell me that
> it will cost about a hundred dollars to haul it over
> there. Since I don't have a high opinion of wrecker
> drivers (or wreckers), it is against my religion to
> monetarily enrich them. Therefore, I'm looking at
> options to get it over there myself.
> One such option is renting a U-Haul to take it over
> there. They have trailers specifically for this
> purpose, however they want $40 for the tow dolly (tows
> both front tires above the ground), and a full vehicle
> trailer (you drive the entire car on it) for $50.
> However, they also have a 6x12 open trailer for $25.
> My thought is to place the entire vehicle on it, and
> move it that way. I told them I planned to haul an
> entire load of appliances, totaling over 2,000 pounds.
> They said that was fine, as long as the weight didn't
> exceed the total trailer capacity of 2,950 pounds. So
> my question is this: how much does a 1985 Jetta 1.9 TD
> automatic weigh, approximately?
> Robert
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