[Vwdiesel] ECODiesel questions

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Tue Apr 30 02:45:08 EDT 2002

> A concern is that
>  the inside windshield gasket is loose and dangling, but there seemed to be
>  no inside water damage.

  This is odd since it should have a glue in windshield.  <shrug>

>      The front end seemed to wallow a bit in twisty roads at speed, and
>  was a noticeable wobble above 70, which I think might be a right front tire
>  out of balance.  There was no indication of CV joint problems, although I
>  didn't crawl under and inspect the boots.

  Compared to an A1, an A2 does tend to wallow.  Tires and pressures
can have a big affect on this.  Worn rear wheel bearings will really do
it too.  No biggy to replace though.  To check, just put your foot on the
top of the wheel and rock sideways.  If it clunks, they're loose or worn.

>      The interior was pretty clean, but missing the front vinyl corner post
>  covers on both front doors.  Seat belts were those ridiculous contraptions
>  with separate lap and shoulder restraints, the latter wired into a relay
>  that kills the starter if not connected and strangles the driver entering
>  and exiting if connected.

  It should be fairly easy to change the belts over to the conventional
one piece ones.  Wrecking yard visit.

>      Engine looked stock and fairly clean, no obvious current oil leaks.
>  pump didn't have an aneroid, but a device I've never seen before that the
>  lines connect to.  Didn't look to see if the cat conv was still on the
>  exhaust. Engine compartment does seem fairly full, what with a/c and p/s,
>  maintenance could be a pain.

  Oil filter is the worst.  I usually end up dropping the PS pump to get it
out without dumping it sideways.  The other option is to relocate it or
punch a hole and let it drain out first.  I usually don't have time allocated
to do that.  Other than A/C belt tension, nothing much is too awful.

>      Are there any other A2 or Eco specific issues I should look for?
>  btw, is selling it because he bought a new TDI.
>      TIA,

  Nothing much I can think of.  The biggest thing is they didn't put the
aneroid on the pump and the turbo has a little different sizing on the
intake, I believe.  This led to an intake with or without a slight dip in
it. Walter Cotter had one and got into quite a bit of it.  It had very
similar boost, EGT and speed characteristics to a normal TD Jetta.

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