[Vwdiesel] Total Seal rings

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Tue Apr 30 03:02:26 EDT 2002

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geiser at execpc.com writes:

>   I'm going to be re-ringing my '91 Jetta Ecodiesel when I pull
>  the head off (hopefully this weekend or next).  Are total seal rings a
>  different type of ring, or a different company?  I've seen them referred
>  to a few times, but not sure what they are...

  They're both.  The big difference is in the second ring.  If you're
with a three piece oil ring then you know what the two "rails" are like.  A
thin ring.  The second ring is partly cut, from the bottom, to hold a ring
that looks like an oil rail.  A small part of the original ring is left, full
width, on the inside.  The rest is cut away about 1/16 of an inch up.
The small ring snaps in place in that grove with the gap 180 degrees
from the larger gap.  This cuts blowby to nil, even in a TD.  They also
claim to have much less cylinder pressure since it's not needed to
prevent blowby.  This results in better power, mileage and longer
engine life.

>   I've also seen you and others mention replacing the intermediate
>  shaft bearing on these engines - is this something I should also do
>  while I have it apart?  Is this a bearing just on the front end, or is
>  there one on the back end too?  I haven't found too good a picture of it
>  yet in Bentley's.

  You have to have the engine out to do it and it's a darn good idea.  There
are two of them and they go in and out like a V-8 cam bearing.  Some
need to be honed to size after installed.  This is a major pain to do without
the tools!  It's something to consider letting a shop do.  :)

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