[Vwdiesel] help: eval 85 golf

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Nov 6 19:49:52 EST 2002

dennis pantazis wrote:
> i have been lurking for a while on the list.
> i am going to look at an 1985 golf deisel, 5sp . 160k. still gets 50mpg.
> overall good condition. small crack in the winsheild. seller basically
> inherited the car, does not know much about it. po supposedly took decent
> care of it.
> has a/c but  unknown.  'heat works real good.'
> aside from the 'usual,' is there anything that i should pay particular
> attention to?
> one thing i am wondering, how does one check status of the struts?

Bounce the front end up and down.  Once its moving good, let go and see how long it takes to stop.  Should stop in 1/2 cycle or
so.  Also, pop the hood and try the same, see if the strut bearings and moving up and down or clunking.

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