[Vwdiesel] starter lesson

Holly danew at cybersol.com
Thu Nov 21 11:26:00 EST 2002

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Hi all,

  I have written several times the last month looking for advice on trying =
to get my daughters diesel running. I went through the broken head bolt in =
the block which I finally couldn't get out and switched to an old 1.5 liter=
 block on had in my garage.   I finally got it running.
      I borrowed a diesel compression tester from this old retired VW mecha=
nic.  I checked all 4 cylinders got about 200 psi on each. I took the compr=
ssion tester back  to the guy and we were talking. He asked was the engine =
turning at least 100 rpm when you tested. I told him I wasn't sure, that it=
 seemed to turn over slower. I told him I thought that the engine had turne=
d over because the engine had great compression.  He said that the starter =
should be able to turn the engine over fast enough as it's built to do that.
    I went home and changed starters and the damn thing started.  So anothe=
r lesson learned and thanks for all of your help.


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