[Vwdiesel] right front wheel noise

Holly danew at cybersol.com
Tue Apr 1 15:38:36 EST 2003

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HI all,

  My Rabbit diesel all of a sudden developed a loud noise in the drivers si=
de front end.  I jacked the car up and there is noise in the passenger side=
 when I spin the wheel, but on drivers side when I spin the tire it makes t=
he noise and catches at certain points.  On my drive home this morning it w=
as horrendous. I didn't think I would make it.  The brake pads are still th=
ere I thought maybe one of the pads fell apart and it was metal on metal br=
akes I was hearing.  My wife watched from the front end while I spun it wit=
h the tire off and she thought the rotor might be warped a little. I scratc=
hed a mark in the end of the rotor to see if it happened the same spot as i=
t rotated around.  Nope it didn't.  So it makes noise all the while rotatin=
g, but at some points it catches and I took the tire iron to make the wheel=
 turn.  I guess I am thinking wheel bearing or maybe something in the trans=
mission.  The car hadn't been driven for a year and I started driving it la=
st week.  Any idea's.



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