[Vwdiesel] Preload on rear bearings

Nate Wall natewall1 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 4 11:44:44 EST 2003

When pulling the drum a few months ago I indeed
noticed this polishing on the upper side of the
spindle and the bearing had some play on the spindle.
Not enough to warrant replacement, in my opinion,


--- Val Christian <val at swamps.roc.ny.us> wrote:
> > I noticed that even tightened down too tight, I
> have
> > some of what I thought was bearing play on the
> rear
> > wheels. I can feel play as the wheel is
> push/pulled at
> > 12 O'Clock. I now have concluded the rear spindle
> must
> > be worn a little. Is this thge case?
> >
> > --Nate
> If the rear spindle is worn, you should see the
> polish, and
> it should be micable with your micrometer, or even
> calipers.
> There's an unpatented "Val fix" if they are.  Get
> your prick
> punch out, and knurl the spindle just a little.
> Level the pricks
> with emery cloth, and keep sliding a clean dry
> bearing on and
> off to get a snug, but not tight fit.  If you have
> some kind of
> a compression knurling tool, that might work.  I've
> just always
> done it with a punch.  Budget a couple of hours so
> that you
> can do a through job.
> The object is to give enough resistance and fit so
> that the
> inner race won't spin, and leave the race / spindle
> fit so that
> the face can slide into place as you reassemble.
> Sorry if my kludge offends anyone.
> Val

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