[Vwdiesel] pix of my new car ! 88 Jetta GL Turbo Diesel

Tyson Cragg jetta at golden.net
Sun Apr 6 08:36:37 EDT 2003

1988 was the first year for significant cosmetic changes to the A2 cars
(Golf/Jetta).  Exterior: 3-bar grille, new front doors (reloacated rear-view
mirrors, elimination of 1/4 windows), wider body side mouldings, and
different paint colours.  Interior: use of "chunkier" switchgear (column
stalks), new steering wheel, new interior patterns.  In 1990, the base
Jettas got 14" wheels as standard equipment.  My favourite year of the A2s
is the early 1990 models, which had all of the updated exterior trim
(including the 14" wheels) of the late model cars, minus the big bumpers,
which arrived in 1990.5.  IMHO, the big bumpers make the car look heavy.

Congratulations on your purchase.

Tyson K. Cragg
1985 Jetta Diesel
1996 Passat TDI Wagon
2002 Cabrio GLX

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> I doubt you can post pix to the list, so here's a link of my ol' beater,
> $375USD ($600 CDN) new acquisition.
> Someone on the vwvortex forum suggested it was a 1990 GL, what with the 3
> bar grill, new doors, and big arches.
> Since I don't know the difference, I leave it to you to decide if it's a
> revin or not.  Reggie sez 'eighty eight
> http://ve9aa.tripod.com/jetta2
> http://ve9aa.tripod.com/jetta1
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