[Vwdiesel] Used Cars for Sale and what not ????????.

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Apr 7 20:22:19 EDT 2003

Keep the forsale ads coming guys!
As long as they are VW's or diesels. For the very very few ads I've seen I
don't know why it would be troublesome to you!
You have a finger. You have a delete key. The guy puts "for sale" in the
title. It's a no-brainer !!
If you read it, let's face it---it's your own fault.

I'd love to find a cheap diesel caddy in the Maritimes. (can't afford one
right now, but someday.)

Back to my 88 Jetta !

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> Hagar wrote:
> > I have 3 VW Rabbits I would like to sell  ---are you getting the
> > message ?????. This site was intended for GENERAL discussion of
> > VW diesels Old and NEW.
> > Having my PC full of pupup ads etc. is not to my liking
> <SNIP>
> >I do not police this site ,  but fellows please !!!.Sell somewhere else.
> Hagar,
> Please allow me to disagree with the appropriateness of these types of
> postings.
> I like to know if someone on this list is selling a vehicle. Why? Because
> I am looking to purchase a VW diesel (for myself or others) I would rather
> buy it from someone from the list, as I feel that due to the community
> represented I can better trust the person I am dealing with. I have done
> this once already (84 Rabbit diesel purchased from Kris for a friend).
> Also, as I don't always have a chance to weed through different areas like
> Ebay and Nickel Ads. I am appreciative when those that do, post vehicles
> diesel related products that they find in these areas on the list and that
> other list members may find interesting.
> In fact when Loren posts the various vehicles he finds in the Nickel Ads
> sale in the Northwest US, I often see several positive follow up posts. I
> myself have used that information to check out diesels for sale in my area
> that interested me (two different MB 300 TD wagons as well as a Volvo
> sedan).
> Additionally, my experience so far is that when someone offers an item for
> sale to the list, they usually have "list member" price that is lower than
> what they would ask the general public. This is a great benefit of this
> practice in my mind as well. It has to do with the feeling of community
> I is a wonderful part of this list.
> My last point is that unlike other mail list discussion groups that
> forbid selling and even one that forbids even mentioning Ebay, the VW
> list has no such restrictions, at least that I know of. If it does then
> there has been a great many violations of this in the past 3 years I have
> been a member of this list. In fact this is the first complaint I have
> from anyone about this.
> So, while I feel that the opinion you have expressed is valid and may be
> representative of other members of the list, it is not representative of
> members. So unless there is an official list policy to not list diesel
> or vehicles for sale my preference would be for this practice to continue.
> Thanks for reading
> Duncan
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