[Vwdiesel] Hard Shifting

Bill Barber TheBarbers at look.ca
Mon Jan 13 12:08:10 EST 2003

2.4l diesel, "94 EV GLS, 5-speed manual, 280,000 km

Shifting is becoming quite difficult. I have released and retightened
the connection to the shift lever. There is adequate fluid in the
clutch/brake fluid reservoir and it seems to disengage properly,
although I can't rule out that completely.

It sometimes shifts okay, though not terribly smooth. Then, the next
time, it won't shift into any gear without a good shove. Easing out the
clutch in neutral sometimes improves things though not very much.

There are some minor oil leaks in the transmission area. I asked the
dealer to check the oil level last year and was told that it was okay,
but I strongly suspect that nothing was done.

I am going to check that nothing is loose with the shifting cage on the
shift linkage at the transmission. Next? Would a bad transmission mount
do anything like this? Could there be bad joints within the shifter itself?


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