[Vwdiesel] Gensets -- oct 2003. ( using 1.5L and 1.6L vw diesels. )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Oct 3 10:09:59 EDT 2003

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Absolutely a perfect companion to your car.  Same tools same procedures ---=
 what are you fellas waiting for ???.
If I had to make one, here is how I would start:   1.5L NA  and a two pole =
alternator. 110/220 V   50 0r 60 Hz.      50 Hz is my number one choice    =
they are surplus over here and they have more iron. The RPM determines  out=
put Hz.      10 to 20 Kva  .Direct drive through a rubber coupling.
The trickiest part is governor arrangement. Electric loads are not gradual =
like in driving. They go on or off instantaneously. I do feel that the exis=
ting governor in tandem with a constant speed governor will do the trick.  =
At 3600 RPM  the existing Bosch governor  is probably fairly fast acting .T=
he flyballs rotate at about 1900 RPM. The other governor can be run at its =
most efficient speed . Fast reaction and no hunting or over run is difficul=
t to achieve.
Exciter :  Here you have a number of choices ---- for me I stick to the sli=
pring design ( 2 rings.) The reason ???  flexibility.  That allows for many=
 types of exciters Rotary or Solid state..
Voltage regulator ???  endless choices   , my type ?????   carbon pile  -- =
they are to be found in the thousands in surplus stores.Old army navy surpl=
us.Used in all US  AF planes during war # 2.
Power factor correction ???  Old streetlights (mercury vapor) contains capa=
citors for free.
Only needed if you have inductive loads like Freezers Waterpumps and the li=

For 1800 RPM operation  I would use two flywheel's welded together.    I al=
most wish I did not have a Lister powered Stamford 50 Kva  3 phase 600 Volt=
 job  --- for you experts out there it is a Stamford   shaft mounted excite=
r with battery charger built in and solid state Voltage regulation . Will s=
ell it to a good home.   ---then I can make a VW set.          Hagar.

PS:  Loren may tell you how to get Injection pump changed to constant speed=
    --- Valley Injection BC told me they had tried to do it but it would no=
t work.

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