[Vwdiesel] Source for windshield washer reservoirs?

William A. Thompson twogreek at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 3 16:50:28 EDT 2003

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Salutations one and all ...
I am working on getting 4 Rabbit Diesels back to road worthy condition. The=
 washer reservoirs tend to crack with age ... I have one that is good ... b=
ut the pump is bad ... I have good pumps but the method that they are held =
onto the washer reservoir is by a "washer" on the inside that is a PITA to =
remove to change the pump (without cracking an already aged reservoir). Any=
one have any luck at it? ... if so share the wisdom please.
OR ...
Anybody know a source for NEW windshield washer reservoirs? ... Need up to =
4 of 'em ... I suppose a junkyard source would be acceptable if I knew that=
 it's condition was worth buying. Any known to be eminently reliable junkya=
rds out there? There are plenty of hits with the parts selectors/searchers =
that are on the web ... but it is a buyer beware environment ... Any solid =
recommendations? They tend to fatigue/crack with age and I prefer to get on=
es that I would not have to replace any time soon. They are for 80 to 84 Ra=
bbit diesels with the washer pump external to the reservoir.
I have been following the list for several months now ... there are good kn=
owledgeable comments and tinkerers observations a'plenty. You know who you =
are ... it sure is a far piece man has come ... to be able to share experie=
nces with each other from far corners of the world. Just a few years ago th=
ere was no convenient way to "pick the mind" of many people with the same i=
nterests if they didn't live in your immediate geographical neighborhood.
I best sign off lest I digress ... oops ... a bit to late I see ... caught =
myself earlier than usual though ...

Bill ....
William A. Thompson
Sedro Woolley, Wa.

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 fears the people, you have freedom."
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