[Vwdiesel] battery voltage etc.-info

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Tue Oct 7 22:52:36 EDT 2003

Battery load tested OK, so I must not have pipped the throttle enough to get
the RPM up and start the charging process before, during my multimeter test
yesterday.  Perhaps this explains why sometimes I see the red charging light
on when I first start the car until the revs are up, even if just for a
moment...then the light goes out permanently.  Anyone know how this works?

New block heater also installed this afternoon. (not by me)

I noticed this morning @ -3.3'C, that after I cycled the 'plugs once, I
pressed (or "depressed" if you prefer) the accelarator pedal just slightly,
pulled out the injector pump advance knob, and the car started real quick.
Normally it would be a little difficult to start at this temp, but pushing
the pedal down a little seems to help quite a bit.  (at least this morning
anyways...can't wait to try it again tomorrow !)  Who'd have thought I'd be
EXCITED to start my car @ 7:15am and go to work, ? LOL !! :-)

Thanks for all the advice guys.  Your helpful advice, knowledge and humour
doesn't go unoticed.

Mike in NB, BRRRrrr........and for all the hams on the board; "7 3"

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