[Vwdiesel] A list for discussing VW diesels OLD and new. -- ( a great list it is ).

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Oct 9 09:36:25 EDT 2003

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When I stumbled on to this list more than a year ago   ,  I did not know a =
heat-shield from a hole in the head.    -----   Now I consider this place t=
he  " Hogswarts"  school of diesel wizardry.
Gold is where you find it (LOL)  so if you like me is far from a dealer or =
a good repair-shop ---roll up your sleeves and DIY.  Where did I strike the=
 MOTHER lode ??? ---right here. Learn how to read the archives and if you k=
now something , PLEASE file it so the rest of us can find it fast. Do it as=
 follows : If you have a solution to testing battery  --- use battery as fi=
rst word in subject line. Do not do like I did in the past  ---  yieks --- =
filing Fuel 101 under Diesel.    So comrade DIY please speak up ---right or=
 wrong ,  it will be graded and corrected by the Board of senior Wizards --=
never know , you may just be right ---- a good example is Mark Shepherd  --=
 he is wrong at times but by gum he has some incredible smart solutions on =
tap at times------yeah I checked them out. And it is hard to argue with res=
ults and performance.     And the bunny's here sure perform.

1984 VW  Rabbit 1.6L turbo  (  Miss. Bondo  )

1882 VW  Rabbit 1.6L  NA     (  Smokey  )

1980 VW  Rabbit  1.5L  NA     ( Bunny Blue )

1980 VW  Rabbit  1.5L  NA     (  Rusty  )                             Hagar.

PS:   I am not long for this world , so I hope that in some small way I hel=
ped someone through this archive   ----- many years in the future.

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