[Vwdiesel] A3 clutch - pedal feel - release bearing - new cable

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sun Oct 12 01:18:38 EDT 2003

Well, the true test would be to put pressure against the clutch pushrod from
the clutch side with one finger, and work the external lever the clutch
cable hooks to up and down.  Just pull the tranny as you have to do this
with it out of the car and...

Lol! kidding, kidding...If you have a bad release bearing, you will
definitely hear it Karl.  Sounds like the clutch bearing has a mouthful of
marbles when you listen by the end cap as the engine is running. Sort of a
rattly rocks in a can wrapped in a sock sound.
The no resistance part of travel you describe. Is this from where the clutch
actuating lever hangs when there is nothing attached to it? It does go quite
a ways farther than where the clutch cable keeps it when installed and
adjusted, so yeah, there is a lot of movement before it comes up against
anything internally if it isn't adjusted right. It sounds like you are
describing pedal feel with the cable really slack... dunno without looking
at it. This sound about right?

The 5mm you are describing. This is at the transmission clutch arm? That's
normal as I recall. You feel it come against moderate resistance, then it's
solid against the clutch actuating rod from there on.  I'd have to check- I
have one on the bench at the moment, but won't be there for a while.  will
get back to you...

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> To recap, I'm finishing a clutch job on my A3, and the
> clutch pedal feel stinks.  There is no resistance
> whatsoever through the first 2/3 (more like 4/5) of
> the pedal travel, and the last bit of feel is from the
> "stop spring" under the clutch pedal.
> First suggestion (thanks Nando) was to replace the
> clutch cable.  I've done that, but before I release
> the clip and activate the adjustment mechanism, I want
> to be sure that everything else is in order.
> From my inspection, the clutch lever, lever spring,
> and lever arm that pushes onthe release bearing are
> all OK.
> The only thing left that I really don't like is the
> feel of the release bearing.  The plate that the lever
> arm presses against has about 5mm freeplay when
> pushed, and then it activates solid.  My thinking is
> that the release bearing is bad -- I think there
> shoulddn't be any freeplay on that plate.  There were
> metal bits lying in the area of the endcap of the 5th
> gear housing.  Perhaps some bearings have deteriorated
> in the release bearing?
> Thanks for helping me finish this!!!
> Karl in Johnsburg, IL
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