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I've been very pleased with www.techtonicstuning.com .  I've owned two of
their exhaust systems so far (1996 Golf 2.0 / 1998 Passat 1.8T).  When I get
the extra cash I'll be getting one for my TDI.

Chris Thornton
1991 VW Jetta 2 Door 1.6 Diesel - 240k miles
2000 VW Golf 1.9 TDI (turbo diesel) - 88k miles
Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants Dealer #1098500

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> I'm trying to sort out what exhaust should be on my car and what exhaust
> I want on my car.  The car is a 1982 Rabbit that I just bought and which
> appears to have various previous owner modifications.  Looking at the
> parts CD, I believe that I should have a connecting pipe connected to
> the header and the muffler hooked on at the rear.  In particular, it
> looks like I don't need a corrugated pipe and that I don't need a
> pre-muffler.
> Thus, the questions are: 1) Am I correct that that was the original
> configuration?  2) Is there any advantage to going to the later exhaust
> with the pre-muffler? 3) Alternately, is there some aftermarket exhaust
> that I should use and avoid all these questions?  The car needs a number
> of things, so I'd like to cheap out on the exhaust this time at least.
> Thanks,
> Scott

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