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Shhhhhhhhh.......Not so loud. The Revenuers in
Washington might hear. Seriously, the big difference,
in my opinion, is a higher sulfur content (up to 3 -
5% is possible) and I'd imagine more decomposition
products (varnish and gums), since the heating oil
tends to sit in the oil tank. I even got some microbal
growth when I pulled a few gallons out of Mom's
heating oil tank. I do believe the diesel lube oil was
reformulated when on-highway diesel went low sulfur in
the 1990s. If I ran heating oil in my diesel, I'd sure
use an off-road (construction equipment) diesel lube
oil. That will have the proper additives for the
higher sulfur content in the fuel.

--- Michael Smith <r3mismith at health.nb.ca> wrote:
> That tank must look kinda funny sticking outta yer
> trunk like
> that.......SERIOUSLY, can you substitute heating
> oil/furnace oil for diesel
> w/o any modifications whatsoever?  I've always
> wondered about that.
> Thanks---Mike
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> 		  A friend gave me his old heating oil tank, with
> about 200+
> gallons in it.
> 		Probably about 3 years old.  Interestingly, I have
> more
> power and less
> 		smoke with that old fuel!  It even smells a tad
> old.  Runs
> great though.  :)
> 		    Loren
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