[Vwdiesel] Fuel 101 -- revisited ( OLD old fuel )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Oct 18 08:19:59 EDT 2003

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but I'm wondering if diesel gets as weird as gasoline does when it sits.

No Matt  not THAT weird and not as fast -----but plenty weird.     For such=
 a small amount  -DUMP it , Dump it  if you do not have a setup for treatin=
g it    --simple to do but time consuming.
I live in a little sticks place where natural gas arrived a short while ago=
. So I wound up with a lot of 200 gallon tanks (house tanks)  some with a L=
OT of fuel left in.  --Dumping it was out of the question , so I worked out=
 a way of filtering drying testing ---on and on.   As LOREN found  -- some =
of the old fuel sure was nice performing.Way better than some of the crappy=
 fuel they flog us today.Not a lot of cracked tar scraped off the bottom of=
 the barrel. Jep I said it ----cracked fuel is not all it is cracked up to =
I wound up with an infection  , and had to go for a biocide.Some infections=
 go completely nuts -- those little grabbers eat oil so fast I found it har=
d to believe.
Discovered a neat way to test and dry fuel ---dissolved water in oil --mois=
The last 2 or 3 years before retirement I was in charge of oil testing for =
a major corporation.So a few tricks was learned.In technical terms  --we me=
asured dewpoint to test for moisture in the oil.  But a hillbilly test work=
s a lot better for us.
Use silicagell crystals --and it is a piece of cake.Dry crystals in oven ,t=
ill they are deep purple  ,,,when immersed in oil they attract moisture in =
the oil and turn white when saturated.   Designation of fuel is not standar=
d across north America  ,   but Rabbits will eat all the different fuels if=
 you  make sure they are not infected and they are clean and contain lots o=
f lube for injection pump.Some older fuels have a lot higher cetane number,=
 than today's crap.
For more details see Diesel fuel 101.                                      =

PS: Kerosene and stove oil works fine if you add lube ---lots of it.

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