[Vwdiesel] Cold start knob

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Mon Oct 20 16:17:00 EDT 2003

Mark Laplante wrote:
> Folks,
> My cold start knob came apart as I pulled it out on the way to work an hour ago. The internal plastic piece (is it a bushing?) is broken in two, and allowed the rubber end to come off. The metal remains threaded onto the shaft.
> I am guessing this is probably a couple dollar part from the dealer (it it's still available, anyone know the part number off hand?), but I was wondering if anyone knows if it could just be replaced with something sturdier, perhaps from an aviation application such as I might find in an Aircraft Spruce catalog. I know nothing about measuring threads.
> The movement of the knob has been a little stiff with the engine off -- similar to an airplane throttle with the friction lock set pretty tight. It is much smoother with the engine running -- unfortunately, until now, I didn't even think about pulling it out prior to shutdown to avoid the morning stiffness.
> Some of you may remember my writing a few weeks ago about top speed. I have not had a chance to experiment with the fueling, but this morning, I took my 92 GTI 8v in for a headliner replacement and my g/f followed me in the Rabbit. She seemed to have no trouble keeping up with me at 75 mph indicated in the GTI. She said the Rabbit indicated 65-67 mph, so I guess it is time to fire up the GPS and see if I can find out which speedometer seems off. I guess she liked driving the Rabbit -- she wouldn't let me drive home...

M5-0.8 is the thread size.  If you can't find something that fits, I could knock out a round knob on the lathe w/o too much
trouble, I have that thread tap available.


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