[Vwdiesel] Fuel 101 --- ( 100 pico Siemens for #1 diesel in may --minimum. )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Oct 22 08:35:11 EDT 2003

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If this one does not smoke Mark Shepherd and more out of the caves , gosh w=
hat will ?.    Its just a brain teaser.  By the way minimum in January is 3=
50.     My question is this : can someone explain in hillbilly terms what a=
 Siemens is ?     Electrical conductivity is measured as part of QC procedu=
res at refinery (Sarnia Ont).  I understand ohms law etc.  so maybe I can g=
rasp this one.
Resistance is measured in ohms  , therefore conductivity must be the opposi=
te.( mho ?)  --- next time you get nailed for turning on your smoke system =
, throw that one at the judge. Your highness it is the fault of EXXON -- .
Pico is a very small fella  so a Siemens must be fairly big.   Like look at=
 a capacitor of 1 farad that's big.   Hope Roger Brown (charlie brown) nibb=
les at this one      Thanks        Hagar.

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