[Vwdiesel] Water pump removal

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sat Oct 25 09:51:40 EDT 2003

Tyson Cragg wrote:
> What I am talking about is the replacement of the ENTIRE water pump, not
> just the front half that contains the impeller and the pulley.  The reason I
> am replacing it is because the last person who replaced the thermostat
> stripped the threads on one of the two holes where the thermostat housing
> attaches.  Unless, of course, you have some suggestions about tapping new
> threads into aluminum, in which case I can totally avoid this whole
> exercise.  The replacement pump I got from the dealer is the entire
> assembly, which means I must remove the old one in its entirety.  I already
> have the PS pump out of the way.

I had to remove the whole pump to be able to remove the siezed bolts holding the two halves together.  This is what I documented
on my page.  I did so w/o removing the injector pump.  This was on an A1, so may be a bit different on an A2.

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> From: "Roger Brown" <r.c.brown at ieee.org>
> I have some tips that helped me removing the pump on my '81/1.6D w/ A/C:
> http://4crawler.cruiserpages.com/Diesel/CheapTricks/index.shtml#WaterPumpReplacement


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