[Vwdiesel] ring seating...

Gary Shea shea at gtsdesign.com
Wed Oct 29 16:00:41 EST 2003

Yo, long time.  My TD is almost rebuilt.  Bottom end is done (new
pistons, wow!  Oversize OEM turbo pistons can be had for less than $100,
believe it or not... of course I found out after shelling out >$200 for
mine).  Just finished making a tool to compress the valves, fun.

But about those rings.  I re-ringed the '82 diesel rabbit at 226700
around this time last year, maybe a little later.  Went a whole winter
spewing smoke with every start unless I used the block heater (the glow
plugs are fine).  Well, around 232000, six thou after the re-ring, one
day it just felt peppier than usual... started differently in the
morning... I thought "ah, I'm just imagining it" until the first 30
degree (F) night... it started up cleanly, no smoke, no stumbling.  Wow.
I had read posts about how long it took for rings to seat, but didn't
really know what people were talking about.  Now I do!



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