[Vwdiesel] Glow plug harness / indicator lights

Dav e atwoodresponse at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 29 17:26:45 EST 2003

I put together a 'harness' for the glow plugs. I made up individual wires to
each plug with a spade-type connector (made from the old copper strip). The
harness makes ohm-meter testing easier and plug replacement easier, with the
spade connector you don't have to remove the nut completely (just loosen it
and pull)

I'd like to add 4 LED indicators to sense the current in each wire, which is
1 foot of #12 copper. for example if high current flows, the LED turns on.
My calculation is about 35 mV drop with a 10A current through the wire.

Are there any electronics-type folks out there who could devise a simple
circuit (probably with a transistor or op-amp) to sense the ~35mV drop and
turn on an LED? I can build it, and probably design it given enough
time/experimentation, but I just wanted to see if anybody's thought of (or
done) it before.

Here in the 'Great White North' we rely on glow plugs, and ether, a LOT...

NAPA has Bosch quik glow plugs for $13.50 - cheapest I've ever seen...

1984 Ether Bunny, 320,000 km
Icy Calgary, Canada

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